How Lean Justifies a Landing Page as Product

Discover step by step how lean reduces waste effectively.

David Rodenas PhD
5 min readMar 12, 2022


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Understanding Lean

Lean is a production method focused on the waste reduction. Unlike other methods, it does not consider only the waste —or residue— that is generated during the production, but also what is not sold. Because of it, Lean focuses on the product design rather of the product manufacturing. It applies the scientific method to discover what is the product that sells better.

Lean assumes that we do not know the right design for sure, that we need to test it. We can have good ideas, we can nail them, but we have no guarantee that they are right until we reach the market. So, the point is that we need to reach the market as soon as possible to test the product in the target environment. But at the same time reducing the waste.

The first step is to make a hypothesis, a market value proposition, and then design an experiment to validate or refute it. One experiment can be build the product, sell it, and measure how good it was. This experiment is the one that everyone did before Lean. Unfortunately, the result of this experiment is that if the hypothesis was wrong, we produced a lot of waste.

So we have to came up with better experiments to prove or refute our hypothesis.

A Lean experiment example

Imagine that we have an idea: add news to our website, so we can increment visits. That is a theory, but we do not know for sure. So we have to formulate an experiment to test our theory.

Classic experiment: The classic experiment is building the news website. We can consider that we would need:

  • A view to show the news.
  • An editor view to create and manage news.
  • A server to serve the news.
  • A server to manage news.
  • A database to store the news.
The classic experiment: the whole product.

The problem of the classic experiment, is that if we are wrong, we have to throw all the…



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