Decoding Software Engineering: Celebrating the 100th Milestone

A Guided Tour Through My 99 Articles on Medium: Exploring, Challenging, and Advancing Our Skills Together

David Rodenas
4 min readJun 3


Dear readers,

This is my 100th article on Medium, and it’s time to celebrate this journey we have shared together, from exploring the depths of software development to decoding the complexities of Agile and TDD. During my last 99 articles, my aim has always been to present our understanding about our profession, from a new point of view, with clarity and curiosity.

Because although there are thousands (¿millions?) of articles and resources available on the Internet to learn, most of them repeat the same concepts and even the same misconceptions. Instead, I have tried a different approach, I tryed a new focus, while being closer to the original values that created the most advanced tools and techniques. And, while doing my research, sharing it with all of you.

And now, let’s take a step back, and look over all the things that we have discovered. You may be a veteran reader, or a newcomer here, but I want this article to serve you as a guide to all my previous writings, inviting you to discover, or rediscover, all these topics that might resonate to you. Spark curiosity, or, open your eyes to a new point of view.

My writings have always revolved around understanding and improving our roles in our industry. From “Why Do Developers Quit Their Jobs?” to “Why you should start writing tests as they were documentation”, we have delved into topics and discussions that push our understanding of software engineering further. With articles like “Don’t Screw Up, You Will Be Found Guilty” and “The Most Valuable Skill For a Developer”, I’ve tried to underscore the human aspect of our profession.

We have discussed the application of theoretical concepts like Agile and TDD in real-world scenarios. The question of “Is Agile a Waterfall Upside-Down?” might have made you rethink your understanding of project management methodologies, while “The Two Sides of BDD: QA-BDD vs TDD-BDD” might have shed light on the often misunderstood facets of Behavior-Driven Development. And do not forget “The Metric to Measure the Agile Transformation



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